Corporate gifting is a classic practice in many companies. It’s the act of sending your prospect and existing clients or employees physical or non-physical presents in an effort to establish or strengthen the connection between them and your company. Moreover, giving corporate gifts is an excellent way to make your clients and/or employees feel appreciated and valued, promoting loyalty to your business.

Giving corporate gifts can have a huge impact on your business or brand. When you give corporate gifts is just as important as what you give. Sometimes, giving gifts at the wrong time can cause them to be overlooked, offer no remarkable effect, or even cause insult and get you in trouble. As such, it’s necessary to plan the timing of your corporate gift-giving. To help you, here are some of the best occasions when you should send heartwarming corporate gifts.

1. During Holidays

Sending gifts during the holiday season is considered standard practice in the corporate world. This could mean giving gifts to clients, employees, business partners, or even to service providers like postal carriers. Since the holiday season is among the busiest times of the year, it’s best to plan ahead and ensure your gifts stand out. Customising your corporate gifts is one of the best ways to make them unique and memorable.

2. When You Want to Say Thank You

As mentioned earlier, giving gifts is an effective way to show your appreciation and gratitude to your clients and employees. It’s also the key to establishing and maintaining good working relationships. Whether the gift is for that extra special client or a significant present for an employee who has gone above and beyond, it’s necessary to select a gift that’s just right for the occasion.

3. For a Company Anniversary 

Corporate gifts aren’t just meant to be given to clients and employees. You can also give gifts to your business partners and other companies. Send an anniversary gift to celebrate when a business was established. Not only will this show that you’ve done some research, but taking the time to know and appreciate your partners will help your brand stand out. When selecting a gift, presentation is vital. Be sure that whatever you pick measures up to brand standards.

4. To Celebrate an Achievement 

Giving away gifts is an excellent way to celebrate an achievement. Whether it’s finishing a project, earning a new client, or reaching another year, you will never go wrong with corporate gifting. Corporate gifts serve as modest tokens of appreciation that can satisfy clients and boost staff morale. If you’re particularly celebrating your company’s anniversary, buying corporate gifts wholesale and giving them away to all your clients and employees is a highly recommended way of celebrating.


While corporate gifting is a heartwarming practice, it can be tricky sometimes. A generous present can help enhance client relations and boost employee morale, while an inappropriate gift at the wrong time can be considered improper and cause trouble. Hence, knowing when you should give corporate gifts is very important. The occasions mentioned in this article are only some of the best times when giving corporate gifts is a great idea.

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