The trend these days with water bottles is not just because of the fact that they are aesthetic-looking and functional, but they are also good for the environment and one’s health. Especially in this today’s hydration-obsessed world, water bottles seem to have become a necessity. For this reason, many companies are also taking advantage of water bottles to level up their marketing efforts.

Customised water bottles in Singapore are popular promotional items because they do not just help to get your business and logo out there, but they also encourage sustainability. Hence, if you wish for your company to be remembered as an eco-conscious business, you should consider promoting your brand with customised water bottles for gifting. In this article, we share some of the best occasions to give away custom water bottles for promotion purposes. 

1. Local events

Giving away custom water bottles at local community events is a surefire way to raise awareness of your business and make people remember your brand name. If you are a startup or a small business, this is also a great way to establish loyalty and trust with the people who may become your future clients, customers, or investors. Some local events where you can give away business-branded water bottles are parades, community fairs, sports competitions, and school events. 

2. Trade shows

Trade shows are another perfect place to hand out business-branded water bottles. This is because, at trade shows, people are already looking to connect with new customers, partner with like-minded companies, and begin new business relationships. Hence, it would be best not to miss the opportunity to promote your company name and make a positive first impression at trade shows with some custom reusable water bottles. 

3. Sponsorships

Have you ever considered sponsoring charities, schools, or local events? If not, then you should definitely do so! Sponsorship is a way for socially responsible companies to do their part in supporting charitable causes and local communities. When you become a sponsor, the name of your brand or business will be associated with the values of the organisation or event you are sponsoring. As part of your sponsorship package, giving away water bottles is highly recommended for their usefulness to everyone.

4. Holidays 

Do you have clients who often use your services or customers who place huge orders every month? Show your appreciation for their support and loyalty by giving them personalised corporate gifts on random dates or during the holidays. The holiday season is specifically a recommended time to give corporate gifts since it is considered the ‘Season of Giving’. Customised water bottles would be a thoughtful and practical Christmas present for all your long-term clients or customers. 


Custom water bottles are undoubtedly among the best types of products you can give as corporate gifts today. By handing out company-branded water bottles to your existing or potential clients and customers at community or sponsorship events, trade shows, and holidays, you can certainly increase the awareness of your brand and make your business remembered for good reasons.

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