Corporate gifts are a great way to open up business dealings and an opportunity to impress and build rapport with your partners. However, due to the myriad of gift choices available to you, choosing can be confusing! Everyone wants to make the right choices and avoid blunders in corporate gifting as much as possible, given the knowledge that a great gift communicates just how much you view any relationship.

Thankfully, there are a few factors that you can consider when it comes to gifting decisions. Specific industries and personalities often hint at what sort of gifts a business partner may like.

Here’s how to best plan impressive yet pleasant gifts for any business partner.

Stay practical

Gifts with practical purposes, such as good quality stationery, charging cables, or notepads, are safe choices that may pay off if used. These items must be replaced often in the office and can serve brand awareness and recall purposes.

Branding stationery with your company logo and design will remind users of your business daily due to stationery’s ‘everyday use’ nature, such as pens. Whether business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), reminding partners of your business is a great way to stay on their minds and increase their likelihood of becoming repeat customers.

Allocate budget to packaging 

Be sure to dedicate part of your budget to quality packaging. While quality gift items are an excellent way to create a lasting memory, packaging is what makes the first impression!

When meeting business partners and potential clients, you and your gifts represent your brand, and prospective partners may be looking to assess how working with your company could be!

Presentable, well-made packaging is the first thing your partners will notice upon receiving a gift. Make the most of any introduction by investing in packaging that looks presentable and reflects what your brand stands for.

Pick gifts with consideration 

Most companies have policies in place regarding the receiving of corporate gifts – be it a particular value or prohibitions of specific items, such as alcohol.

Before starting to plan your corporate gifts, reading up on and familiarising yourself with what falls within the limits of acceptability when giving out corporate gifts can be helpful. Ethical considerations such as religious and cultural sensitivities should also be considered before purchasing gifts for distribution.

In doing so, you allow yourself to pick gifts most likely to sit well with your clients and partners and demonstrate your observance of good ethics. All these are good indicators that your company is suitable to work with.


When it comes to gift planning for business clients and partners, careful consideration must be given to the types of items, the cost of each set of gifts, and the allocation of budget between the actual gift items and the packaging.

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