Promoting your business or brand is one of the most essential steps towards profitability. However, many marketing directors, teams, and CEOs need help promoting their businesses effectively. Indeed, business branding and promotion is not a walk in the park. You and your team must develop practical solutions and be willing to invest resources to boost people’s awareness of your brand.

One of the best ways to put your brand out there is to engage in corporate gifting, the business practice of presenting gifts to clients, partners, and employees to show gratitude, build connections, and advertise one’s brand. Among the most efficient corporate gifts you can give nowadays are water bottles. To find out why, here are some ways to effectively use water bottles for business promotion. 

1. Hand out custom water bottles at trade shows

One of the few excellent opportunities to promote your business is through trade shows, as the people attending such events search for reliable brands, products, and services. Since people can become very busy looking at and endorsing different products, they are likely to become quite thirsty.

Take this chance to hand out custom bottles and market your brand. Surely, people at the trade show will be grateful for a bottle of water that can satisfy their thirst. Not only will this help you establish connections with many people in the industry, but it may also increase the public’s goodwill towards your brand. 

2. Give away custom water bottles during community events

Giving away water bottles to your local community at different events is another great way to establish and promote your brand. By giving water bottles during parades, picnics, or craft fairs, you can boost your brand awareness since people will likely remember your brand during these events. This is specifically helpful if you are a local retailer or provider, as the residents in the community will instantly recognise your brand.

Aside from the aforementioned local events, you may also hand out custom water bottles during charity runs or walks. The participants in these kinds of events need water bottles for hydration. Giving away water bottles will allow the participants and event organisers to not just become aware of your brand but also appreciate your kind gesture of providing them with something they need. 

3. Add custom water bottles to your subscription freebies

If you are inviting or convincing prospective and existing clients to sign up for a subscription on your website, you can give them custom water bottles as freebies when they successfully sign up. Signing up in itself may take some time and effort. As such, it is highly recommended that you return the favour with free custom water bottles in Singapore. This allows you to increase your subscribers and market your business at the same time. 

4. Personalise water bottles for loyal clients

Give your loyal clients more appreciation and gratitude by giving them something as functional and valuable as a water bottle. These clients may include those constantly buying large orders or sending reliable referrals your way. Giving them water bottles will make them feel valued, convincing them to continue doing business with you. You can also add a brief message on the bottles so they are more personalised. 


There are many ways to use custom water bottles as part of your brand promotion strategy. Since water bottles are very functional, convenient, and easily customisable, they make ideal corporate gifts that can increase people’s awareness of your brand and expand your client base. Indeed, promoting a brand is not easy, but with creativity and willingness to invest in corporate gifts, you can certainly achieve your marketing goals soon!

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