Corporate gifts are commonplace in today’s competitive business scene as a way to build a company’s brand, customer loyalty and business relations. A popular gift choice that businesses go for is the unassuming notebook – but what is it about them that make such excellent corporate gifts? Here are 4 reasons why.

They Are Practical

Notebooks are handy tools that your clients or employees are most likely to use daily. Not only are they able to use it in the office, but they could also bring it with them while on the go to jot down ideas and pen important notes and to-do lists.

Practical gifts are always appreciated – to add a special touch to your gift, include a customised pen or post-it pads.

They Are Easy to Customise

Notebooks provide a certain simplicity that makes them so easy to customise. For example, you could choose to add specific brand elements or inspirational messages in the notebook that resonates with the receiver.

The process of making an otherwise common-looking notebook unique is to work with notebook printing suppliers in Singapore that offer a good variety of designs that fits your branding so that it comes out looking classy.

They Provide Great Brand Exposure

Whether you are a small start-up or an established company with roots dating back many years ago, brand exposure is essential to helping your company stay relevant amidst the rapid changes in the economy.

The beauty about gifting notebooks in this way would be the frequency one might use the item. So, whenever the receiver uses the notebook, they are also subconsciously reminded of where they got it from.

People may also choose to share the notebook’s content with others, growing the list of potential touchpoints that you could get with just a single gift. No wonder, even in the digital age, gifting notebooks never gets old!

They Are Easy on Your Budget

Lastly, when you are planning a corporate gifting strategy, there is always a consideration of the budget that you would have to keep. Notebooks are lower in cost to make which provides bigger room in your budget to spend on additional items or customisation. Notebooks are hence cost-effective gifts and are incredibly worth the price that you pay for.


When it comes to corporate gifts, notebooks are one of the few gifts that will be used regularly and are easily accessible – if you are looking for a trusted provider of customised corporate gifts, Nanyang Gifts is the choice for you! We provide various corporate gifts for you to choose from, including our range of classic notebooks and wholesale tote bag printing in Singapore.

Simply start by requesting a quote and our team will be more than happy to assist you!

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