Gifts are a great way to show appreciation to your employees and make them feel valued. Going the extra mile (apart from monetary compensation and benefits) can often show how you value them as a unique individual rather than a nameless cog in an often overly-large and intimidating organisational structure. Receiving gifts can translate to good morale, and good morale means so much more than just an increase in productivity – it also translates to a positive work attitude and encouraging workplace culture.

But while many consider the line between a practical and a personal gift, why not get the best of both worlds by getting a gift that can be both practical and personal at the same time? Many companies are increasingly considering customised notebook printing in Singapore as a solution to this question, and we explore the options that are available in the market

1. Embossed leather notebook with strap

Rather than having a typical notebook, getting an embossed leather notebook can create a sleek and professional-looking finish that can be a chic addition to any of your employee’s planning repertoire. Many people leave out their gifted notebooks because it only serves a practical function, whereas a normal notebook just reminds them of the tasks ahead. On the other hand, an expensive feeling planner changes the impression weekly tasks takes (such as the difference between driving a second-hand car versus a new continental vehicle) and becomes a more desirable notebook and planner to use. Emboss it with your company’s logo or add a unique design for individual co-workers or those in different departments. People say ‘don’t just a book by its cover’, but we all know that it always feels great to use a planner that looks that good.

2. Planners or organisers with pockets and compartments

Planners and organisers aren’t generally the tidiest of places. With an added note here or a quick attachment added there, and your notebook will feel like it’s bursting at the seams with add-ons. That is why pockets and compartments can be a very functional tool for any busy employee in helping them stay neat and organised. Various compartments can include slots for cards, pen holders, or even a slot for their mobile phones for larger planners. Check out the multiple options available and see what would be the most helpful for your team members to have.

3. Boxed planner with matching pen

Thinking of going all out to appreciate your employees? Include a well-chosen fountain pen as a modern professional gift. Even if it may not be the most usual gift, a pen is something your employees will use. Share with them how they can use this pen to mark down special occasions, outline professional goals or list important meetings and milestones. It’s all about the association – and let them associate your gift with a positive trait or idea in the workplace.

4. Eco-friendly materials for notebooks

Thinking to go eco-friendly? Choose from options that range from leather to bamboo bindings, and you can get a huge variety of eco-friendly options catered to the materials and designs. Many companies have gone green with the company objectives, so why not incorporate that in your giftings and home in on that message as well?

5. Creative notebook set that suits your team

Heading a professional team? Get notebooks that can range from fancy and colourful to modern and sleek. Whether it’s a team of painters, writers, designers or architects, getting a design that they resonate with can increase the chances of them incorporating a notebook and planner into their daily schedules. Insert a clever designer a couple of choice quotes, and you’ve got a great personalised department gift on your hands.


There are plenty of ways to show your love for your employees! Notebooks and planners only scratch the surface when it comes to appreciation gifts, but let’s take it a step above practical and help it be a personalised and sophisticated gift that your employees will feel excited to use in the new year ahead.

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